21 March ,2024

A Guide to Planning Your Corporate Family Days

Corporate family days are particularly important because they give families a place to relax and connect while also fostering a feeling of community among employees. Event management companies in Bangalore or your selected location can provide the precise organisation, innovative ideas, and experience needed to plan a successful corporate family day. SKIL Events, one of the topnotch event management companies in Bangalore, will lead you through the process in this guide to make sure everyone who attends your annual event has a fun and memorable time.


A Comprehensive Guide to Strategizing Corporate Family Days

We at SKIL Events understand the essence of corporate family days and how essential it can be at times to strategize thsese days. Therefore, here is a 10-step guide for your to efficiently strategize your corporate family days.

1. Establish Specific Goals: Clearly state the intentions behind the corporate family day. Is it to recognise accomplishments, uplift staff morale, or increase interaction with families? To achieve consistency, match the event's objectives with the company's beliefs and culture.

2. Pick the Perfect Location: Picking a location that works is essential. Take into account elements like ambience, space needs, amenities for different activities, and accessibility. Bangalore event management businesses can help you find suitable locations that meet your unique requirements.

3. Family-Centric Activities: Arrange a wide variety of events that suit various age brackets and passions. Make sure there is something for everyone, including live entertainment, workshops, games, arts and crafts, and sporting events.

4. Catering and Refreshments: Food is an important part of any occasion. Provide a diversity of snacks, drinks, and cuisines to accommodate various dietary requirements. Make sure there are enough alternatives for everyone attending, whether it's a buffet, food vendors, or a specialised dining experience.

“The ideal corporate family days are outcomes of meticulous planning - from ideal venue selection to assuring safety.”

Thinking & Design


Plan for Execution


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5. Performances and Entertainment: The centrepiece of corporate family days is entertainment. Plan fascinating concerts, dance routines, live music, and performances that will enthral and amuse both adults and kids.

6. Engagement and Team Building: Include team-building exercises that promote communication and cooperation between staff members and their families. This develops ties inside the organisation and promotes a sense of oneness.

7. Make Memorable Souvenirs: Give guests personalised mementoes or gifts of gratitude to take home. Personal touch items and photo booths provide enduring keepsakes of the occasion.

8. Safety and Well-Being: Give each participant's safety and well-being a priority. Make sure you have the security measures, emergency plans, and medical help you need.

9. Marketing and Communication: Provide event information, timetables, and activities as effectively as possible far in advance. To build excitement and anticipation among employees and their families, use a variety of communication channels, including emails, posters, and social media.

10. Post-Event Input and Evaluation: Compile participant input to determine the corporate family day's level of success. Examine what went well and what needs to be improved. 

The function of event management companies in Bangalore is crucial to the smooth operation of corporate family days. An event that is well-organized and captivating is guaranteed by their proficiency in planning, coordinating, logistics, and creative execution. These businesses effectively manage the challenges of event management by utilising their resources and network to materialise ideas.

In conclusion, corporate family days provide an opportunity to recognise the efforts of staff members, build bonds with them, and make enduring memories. Companies who are thoughtful of their employee’s well-being can consider this as an annual event and express their concern through these occasions. This event also fosters a welcoming and fun atmosphere for families. Working with Bangalore event management firms may improve the planning process and guarantee a corporate family day that is a hit with all those involved.

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