18 June ,2024

SKIL Events executes Monumental Events with Immaculate Expertise in Logistics & Hospitality

SKIL Events recently showcased its unmatched expertise in event management by executing two monumental events. The events, one for India’s leading two-wheeler automaker giant and the other for a renowned online gaming label, showcased SKIL’s exceptional capability in delivering seamless, high-impact and power packed experiences.


SKIL Events closed its last quarter by organising an extraordinary event at Hyatt Manesar, featuring the grand unveiling of a new product by India's homegrown two-wheeler automaker giant. The event included an award ceremony celebrating the achievements of the company's employees and dealers. SKIL Events ensured that their attention to detail guaranteed a seamless experience, precisely managing every aspect from airport transfers to the magnificent product launch. SKIL ensured that the event had ample networking opportunities and captivating team-building activities.

Trishal Rao, Chief Sales Officer, SKIL Travel said, “We are delighted to have hosted this extraordinary event. The positive feedback from the client and attendees reaffirms our commitment to excellence.”

SKIL added another feather to its cap by managing one of its largest events to date for a homegrown online gaming label. The event, designed for employee engagement, hosted 700 attendees, marking a significant milestone for both companies.

SKIL Travel managed the comprehensive travel services, including flights, local transportation, and hotel accommodations, for the event’s dignitaries and attendees. The seamless execution of these logistics, including the issuance of 1400 tickets and handling numerous name changes and web check-ins, highlighted SKIL’s efficiency and attention to detail.

The event's local transportation logistics were flawlessly managed, involving complex coordination across two different airports, over 30 coaches, and 12 distinct groups. SKIL also ensured seamless internet connectivity with a dedicated 100 MBPS leased line, guaranteeing uninterrupted online support for the event's operations.

Ramanpreet Singh, Vice President, SKIL Events said, “Executing one of the largest events in SKIL's history has been an energising journey filled with learnings. We are proud to have exceeded expectations and look forward to continuing to raise industry standards in event management.

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