09 December ,2023

SKIL Events successfully executed AGM 2023 Event for SSIZ International in Goa

SKIL Events, a leading home grown event management firm, marked the successful execution of AGM 2023 Event for SSIZ International in the energetic backdrop of Goa. SKIL Events team ensured the triumph for executing an unparalleled experience for all participants including SSIZ International’s employees, executives, and channel partners.

Through the event, distinguished presentations took centre stage, illuminating SSIZ International's vision and goals for the future. Each session sparked fresh ideas and ignited the imagination of the audience. The event transitioned into a spirited musical soiree as the sun descended, where both employees and executives shared the dance floor, celebrating their shared path of achievement.


From curating engaging stints by the five artists to the seamless management of the attendee flow across 4 setups in the 2-day event, SKIL Events’ dedicated team's expertise ensured thoughtful planning of all the elements. Their dedication transformed the concept of an unstoppable event into a reality, reverberating through the joyous smiles and resounding applause of the attendees.

The event saw attractive elements thoughtfully devised by the SKIL Events Team which included the digital LED entrance arch that symbolized determination and marked the outset of an unforgettable journey. The champagne wall, radiating sophistication and joy, brought an air of celebration. Creative photobooths documented fleeting moments.

Rayed Merchant, Director, SSIZ International said, “The SSIZ International AGM 2023 in Goa sets a historic milestone in our journey. Partnering with SKIL Events was an incredible decision as their mindful planning and end-to-end support from ideation to execution left no stone unturned in making this event truly successful. This event has certainly brought to life the potential of collaboration and collective effort.”

Ramanpreet Singh, VP – Growth & Strategy, SKIL Events said, “Hosting the SSIZ International Event in Goa remains close to our heart at SKIL Events. Witnessing the amalgamation of innovation, camaraderie, and celebration under one roof was truly inspiring. The event's success lies in the collective dedication of our team and the collaboration with SSIZ International.”

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